"Right from the beginning when I started my career as a pro hockey player, Mario prepared me for every game. Whether was massage, stretching or training he helped me go that extra shift on the ice. He is truly a talented and gifted trainer and massage therapist! He takes training and therapy to a whole different level. I highly recommend Mario!"

Jack Johnson,
Defenseman Los Angeles Kings, 2010 Olympics Silver Medalist, World Championship Captain for Team USA

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LA Training Room Rates

Special Offer: 10% OFF on your first hour massage.

Fitness and Pilates

Modified mat Pilates

Mario has modified and integrated mat Pilates into his rehabbing techniques for people with hips, shoulder, upper back and especially lower back injuries with great success. This is also great for preventing injuries on athletes like golfers, tennis players and cyclists etc.

One hour: $45 | 6 sessions: $230 | 12 sessions: $420

Massage Services

Special Offer: 10% OFF on your first hour massage.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a unique combination of muscle stretching and high impact massage techniques designated for active people and athletes. The main purpose of this massage is to enhance muscle fitness and reduce potential injuries.

One hour: $90 | Hour and a half: $135

Therapeutic Massage

This massage utilizes a deep and firm pressure and is used to reduce chronic pain, spasm, trigger points and scar tissue. Here at LATR we custom design this treatment based on your needs and problem areas.

One hour: $90 | Hour and a half: $135

Circulatory and Lymphatic Massage

This massage consist of slow, light and repetitive strokes that help move blood and lymph fluid through the system of vessels and nodes.

One hour: $90 | Hour and a half: $135

Pregnancy Massage

A treatment that is addressing the strain felt in the lower and upper back, neck and legs that occurs during pregnancy.

One hour: $90 | Hour and a half: $135

Suction Cup and Massage Combo

This treatment is used for aches and pain of various types as well as respiratory problems, cough and wheezing. This is also a great treatment when you are coming out of a cold, flu and pneumonia. It is also great for improving circulation and menstrual problems.

50 minutes: $95

Oncology Massage for Cancer

This massage helps alleviate side effects from cancer treatment procedures. It also increases relaxation and decreases muscle tension.

One hour: $90 | Hour and a half: $135

LATR has a 24 hours cancelation policy. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted. By appointment only. To schedule a session or treatment please call: 323-272-3506.