"After playing for 20 years as a professional hockey player and after playing for several teams in the NHL, preparation and maintenance is an important aspect of my routine. Mario helped me tremendously to recover between games and kept me tuned up and sharp throughout the entire NHL season."

Sean O'Donnell,
Defenseman Chicago Blackhawks, Stanley Cup Winner with Anaheim Ducks 2007

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Mario Serban is the cofounder of LA Training Room. He is a former Trainer and Massage Therapist for The Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

LA Training Room's Blog - Treadmill running shoes

Treadmill running shoes

December 17, 2011

Treadmill running shoes

What constitutes a good running shoe for treadmill?

Our ancestors started wearing shoes to protect from edgy, sharp stones that could do serious damage to a bare foot. With the invention of running shoes and treadmill we don’t have to worry about this issue anymore.

However there are different things that we have to consider these days. If you are a serious runner and running is part of your daily routine, than you have to worry about not damaging your knees and hips. Even when you do a lot of walking you should still consider this aspect.

Of course running outdoors is different than running indoors on a treadmill. What’s a good shoe for treadmill? Well let’s take a look at a few potential problems:

Knee and hip injuries

Most of the modern and new treadmills come with shock absorbent that are design to protect your knees and hips. However sometimes that’s not enough but is definitely better than running or walking on concrete or any other hard surface.

So for treadmill you don’t necessary need the best shock absorbent running shoes but why not playing safe.

Running will get your fluids moving and by implication perspiration will take place. In a moist and warm environment bacteria will flourish. Any bacterial activity will result in odor. And we all agree that this would be an unpleasant scenario. To minimize this you would need a running shoe that has a good air flow and permits the evaporation process.

These two are the most important factors when choosing running shoes.
I say when it comes to your knees, hips and anything else don’t be cheap. Buy a good quality shoe that will protect you in the long run. Of course to find good quality is expensive.

I like Nike and Reebok in particular because both companies put a lot of effort and money in research.
When it comes to Nike there are many choices but some of the best are: Nike air Pegasus+, Nike Air Alvord9, and of course top of the line Nike Air Max+. The price range is from $60 to $160, depending on where you purchase the shoes from.

When it comes to Reebok, the new Zigfly premier is a great running shoe for both outdoors and treadmill.

I personally use Reebok Verona supreme and it’s been serving me great so far.
All this running shoes are great for treadmills because they have a great shock absorbent system and great air flow to keep your feet as dry as possible and they are pretty light shoes. The adherence of the sole is irrelevant for treadmills since the treadmill is creating the motion.

However if you run or walk incline then the adherence of the sole becomes important but all this shoes in my anterior example offers this features.