"After playing for 20 years as a professional hockey player and after playing for several teams in the NHL, preparation and maintenance is an important aspect of my routine. Mario helped me tremendously to recover between games and kept me tuned up and sharp throughout the entire NHL season."

Sean O'Donnell,
Defenseman Chicago Blackhawks, Stanley Cup Winner with Anaheim Ducks 2007

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Mario's Background

Mario Serban is the cofounder of LA Training Room. He is a former Trainer and Massage Therapist for The Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

LA Training Room's Blog - The Power of Walking

The Power of Walking

December 4, 2011

A walk a day keeps the doctor away.

Walking is one of the most basic and quintessential activity that humans do every since we became bipeds. And yet we come to a point where we doing it less and less every day.

What are the benefits of walking? Why do we need to walk?
In the beginning walking was essential for humans to procure food and survive. Then we domesticated horses and we used them to travel short and long distances. But after the invention of automobile we didn’t have to walk that much anymore.

Romans must have been smart people since they conquered the world and build the largest empire ever. And all that by foot. Every day, every Roman soldier was required to walk ten miles in order to stay in shape and be ready for the time that the empire needs them. That also included the retired soldiers. They were extremely fit and in a great shape, back then.

Unfortunately every day that goes by we’re becoming more and more comfortable and yes lets say it: “Lazy”.

We choose the couch over walking. We became to the point that if we are in a parking lot we would rather stay and wait in the cars until we find the closest parking spot to the store instead of park at the end and walk!

But with a little adjustment in our attitude all this can be changed and become more active and healthier. And by doing more walking is a great way to start turning things around.

Walking Benefits
Based on research studies, walking has the following benefits:
• It’s cheap and doesn’t require a membership

• It improves the circulatory and cardiovascular system and by implication
It reduces the risk of heart disease or strokes and it lowers high blood pressure.
• It stimulates the bone marrow

• It helps burn more calories than usual

• Reduces depression and anxiety

• Keeps your muscles, bones and joints healthy

• Helps you sleep better and become more energetic

In short walking is a great way to exercise and stay healthy! All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and the will to do it.

If you don’t live that far from the grocery store and it’s a beautiful day outside, by all means walk to the store.
If there is a park near your residence then go for a nice walk in a park and enjoy the nature.

Use stairs instead of an elevator, get off a bus one or two stops early, or park your car at the far end of the lot at work.

Here in California we have the luxury of a splendid weather, might as well take advantage of this and go for long walks. If you live by the beach, walk on the beach. In Los Angeles area there are a lot of hiking trails. Make use of them!

I must say that based on my extensive travel that I did while I was part of LA Kings organization, people on east coast cities get a fair amount of walking every day.

Some of the companies took a step further and put treadmills in the office for the employees if they feel like walking and yet still be on premises. An excellent idea, I might add!

Most experts agree that walking for 30 minutes on most days of the week should suffice to see health benefits. After that it would be great if you can go up to an hour walking.

Start slow if you are not active now. Engage in a moderate pace walk and progressively increase the speed. If you can’t go for 30 minutes in the beginning then start with 5-10 minutes and work your way up. The more you walk, the better you will feel.

Of course if you have any conditions ask your health care provider before you engage in such activity!
Take all the precaution measures before you start walking.

If you’re good to go then don’t wait. Get off your Lazy butt and become more active and change your life.

“People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.”
William James